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pink salad Chicken salad, fruits, nuts, vinaigrette sauce
Mixed salad Prawn cocktail
Caesar salad Prawn salad, cheese, fried, mango vinaigrette
Bacon salad, cheese, fried onion, honey and mustard Ranchera salad, bell pepper, chicken, egg
Russian salad
Macaroni or Spaghetti carbonara, bolognese, pil-pil Meat lasagna
spoon of the day
calluses Seafood soup
mincemeat soup Lentils
Cuba style rice Meat paella
Risotto 4 cheeses
Eggplant with honey Melon with Ham
potato gratin Ratatouille with Egg
Garlic bread
Galician octopus Cod fritters
Prawn pil pil Pil-Pil prawns with egg
Chicken barbecue barbecue meat BBQ sauce or ranch sauce
Pork sirloin Skewer chicken or sirloin
Iberic secret Beef Entrecote
Chicken fillet baked chicken
Plate of the Mountains
Suggestion of the day Lean with tomatoes
Breaded chicken fillet Kentucky chicken
Chicken Nuggets Home-made croquettes
Mini Saint James
Cod fried, grilled, ratatouille or pil-pil Cuttlefish
Hake grilled or fried Open anchovies with lemon
Little lace Whitebaits with pepper salad
Squid Rings
Flan Custard
Rice pudding Chocolate cake
Cheesecake White Chocolate Cake
Tiramisu 3 Chocolate Cake
Pudding Ice cream

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