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To start something fresh
Top Half Ration 
Tiraditos of truffled tuna loin, soy and lime (8 units) 15,00€
Poké with tuna tartar, edamame, wakama seaweed, avocado and shrimp mayo with kinchy  11,00€
Sausage tartar 100% Malaga  5,50€ 8,00€
Spicy salmon tartare with crispy tempura flaked rice 12,00€
Truffled tuna tartare on a crispy pizza base with tomato cream and foie gras 15,00€
Grandma's Russian salad with Iberian ham and fried egg mayo 8, 5, 1, 7, 12, 4 5,50€ 8,00€
Grandma's Crispy Chicken Salad, Feta Cheese, Cherry Tomato, Yogurt Sauce and Fried Onion 7, 1, 8, 6, 10 8,00€
Risotto with truffle mushrooms and smoked cheese  15,00€
Iberian dry rice with pork tataki and truffle petals (2rac.)  18,00€
Dry shrimp rice with shrimp and scallops (2rac.) 22,00€
Dry oxtail rice with oxtail and mixed mushrooms(2rac.) 18,00€
Ready to Share
Galician blonde beef entrecote 600gr grilled 30,00€
Beef almondigón with thai sauce on sweet potatoes (300g) 12,00€
Rack of barbecue sauce 650g 1, 7, 6 15,00€
300g Fake acorn-fed Iberian pork tataki cooked at low temperature and finished on our grill with fried sweet potato 16,00€
Moorish-style chicken pasta, muscat raisins and Cane honey from Frigiliana 1, 10, 8 10,00€
Grilled octopus leg with potato foam with mojo picón 18,00€
250g beef burger, gouda cheese, tereyaki sauce, caramelized onion, lettuce 12,00€
Irresistible little things
Foie cake, onion, blue cheese cream, poached eggs and truffled mayo 10,00€
Curried prawn gyozas with courgette cream and truffle petals (4 units) 8,00€
Potatoes with bravas sauce with ponzu, fried onion and fried seaweed 2.0 6,00€
Battered prawns with sweet chilly sauce (6 units) 10,00€
Croquettes of oxtail or Iberian ham with grandmother's mayo (6 units) 7,00€
Candied artichokes, ham and caramelized onion cream (6 pieces) 8,00€
Cheese board with nuts and jam 1, 7 10,50€
Potatoes with 5 cheese sauce, dehydrated bacon and yogurt sauce 2.0 7,00€
Iberian pork toast cooked at low temperature, mojo picón mayo, padrón pepper and fried onion (4 pieces) 1, 7 8,00€
Juicy chicken toast, traditional aioli, barbecue sauce, lettuce, gouda cheese and fried onion (4 pieces) 7,50€
Little things you have to try
Mini beef burger, tereyaki mayo, lettuce, gouda cheese and fried onion 3,50€
Puff pastry with mocilla caramelized onion and grilled piquillo peppers (2 units) 5,00€
Vietnamese roll with suckling goat (2 units) 6,00€
Anchovies gold series top^ (2 units) 6,00€
Yokidori chicken skewer with sesame 3,00€
Marinated Iberian sirloin mini skewer with Japanese sauces, cherry tomato and tereyaki mayo 4,00€
Chicken Taco with Avocado and Sweet Chili 3,50€
Garlic prawn bao bread, oyster mayo and lime or oxtail with tereyaki sauce and sprouts. 4,50€
Before the penultimate
Deconstruction of carrot cake and carrot topping 4,50€
Brownie With Vanilla Ice Cream 7, 1, 8 4,50€
Coulant chocolat 7, 1, 8 4,50€
Grandma's Cheesecake 4,50€

All our products may contain traces of any allergen since they are made in the same facilities

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